About Us

Serving Your Beauty And Wellness

Various skin and body care services are available with us to help you look and feel your best. From facials and massages to body sculpting and scar removal, there is a service for everyone at TrueSkin Medesthetics LLC. Whether it is about cleansing, exfoliating, masks, facial treatment, or massages, we can also help improve circulation, enhance your beauty, and increase your skin’s elasticity. We tend to pamper you within your budget and use high-end products to maintain your charm, charisma, and beauty.

Experienced Doctors, Practitioners, And Beauty Technicians

At a skin and body care company, TrueSkin Medesthetics LLC, we are passionate about helping our clients achieve healthy, beautiful skin. We offer various services, including facials, body treatments, and skincare advice. We believe that healthy skin is the foundation of a beautiful complexion, and we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best care.

Talented & Skilled Specialists

Every skin is beautiful, whether tanned, textured, or blemished. But our specialists give you the confidence to be yourself and feel better about your overall well-being. And therefore, we do skin and body treatments crafted for various skin types. From scrubs and massages to cupping and peels, we do our best to serve your skin and body needs.

About The CEO

Dr. Bonds is very interested in wellness and firmly believes that “wellness isn’t just not being sick; it’s a continuous journey toward balance and vitality.” Dr. Bonds became so influenced by seeing people recover from illness at her Acute Rehabilitation Hospital that she made it her goal to find ways to foster health and well-being in the community. Dr. Bonds is passionate about maintaining your wellness. She has shown immense influence on her patients early in her professional life and worked hard to find ways to encourage wellness in the community. Dr. Bonds knows that just being well isn’t enough and that wellness is a journey towards balance and vitality of body and mind.

Dr. Michael Carter, MD

Dr. Carter, M.D., is a board-certified physician. Dr. Carter is a Functional Health Sciences Practitioner who seeks to identify the underlying cause of interfering with the body’s ability to prevent disease syndromes. His expertise includes identifying skin issues and formulating treatments, so patients are treated accordingly.

Sade, Assistant Laser Practitioner /
Cert. Acne & ASCP Expert

Sade is a certified esthetician focusing on skincare, and her goal-oriented approach has helped patients with acne, skin discoloration, and other skin issues. Sade is extremely ardent and committed to educating people about particular skin care needs and works her level best to transform withered and flawed skin in no time. Sade is a military veteran and helps her patients with skin problems that they may be having, such as acne, eczema, or psoriasis. She can also help you with general skin care, such as choosing the right products for your skin type and giving advice on protecting your skin from the sun.

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