Enzyme Therapy

Feel Confident About Your Skin Appearance With No Flaws

Conditions Include:



Pigmentation & Discoloration

Scarring & Stretch Marks

Acne & Congestion

Wrinkles & Fine Lines


Enzymatic formulations are biochemical processes used to create treatments for various medical conditions. Enzymatic formulations effectively treat various skin conditions, and research into new applications is ongoing. One of the benefits of enzymatic formulations is that they are often much more specific than traditional medications. This means they can be less harmful to the skin and body. Enzymes have the potential to revolutionize the way we treat diseases and could someday lead to cures for conditions that currently have no effective treatment. The DMK system includes three enzymatic methodologies for the face and one for the body.

Why And How Enzymes Work

  • Nature’s Biological Catalysts
  • Dead Cells Getting Hydrolyzed
  • Boosting Oxygenation
  • Strengthening Cellular Activity
  • Disinfecting The Skin By Encouraging The Formation Of New Collagen And Elastin

Treatments For Skin Revision By DMK

DMK has formed one of the most sophisticated skin care systems by combining cutting-edge botanical science and technology. DMK’s skin care processes include a variety of innovative enzyme therapies that work with the epidermis rather than against it. The treatment focuses on what the skin responds to – what works! DMK Home Prescriptive is necessary to keep your skin in good condition between treatments.

Enzyme Banding For Muscle

Three enzyme masques are used in DMK Muscle Banding Treatments and are extremely effective in repairing and strengthening the tissue. This medicine is deliberately developed to use a combination of enzymes.

  • Enhance The Facial Muscles Gradually
  • Strengthens The Capillaries
  • Aids In The Reversal Of Aging Signs

True oxygen therapy starts within the skin, and DMK enzyme treatment options are well-recognized for their superheated plasma oxygen-enriching abilities.